14k gold pieces are solid yellow, white, or rose gold. These pieces are available to customize in 18k, 22k, and 24k for an additional fee. To care for MARA CARRIZO SCALISE fine jewelry, we recommend cleaning it with mild detergent and warm water. We recommend using a soft brush to not damage the gold. Be sure to rinse with warm water and wipe clean with a soft cloth.


MARA CARRIZO SCALISE silver jewelry can be polished with a polishing cloth to maintain shine of the piece. Avoid water when wearing due to oxidation occurring over time. When not wearing your silver jewelry, store it in the jewelry pouch that we provide.


MARA CARRIZO SCALISE 14k gold filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base metal. 14k gold filled will not tarnish nor rub off nor turn color. To ensure the life of 14k gold filled jewelry, it is recommended to avoid contact with sweat, water, lotion, oils, and perfumes as it will alter the shine of your piece. To clean your 14k gold filled jewelry, use a soft cloth. When not wearing your piece, it is best to store it in the provided pouch.


MARA CARRIZO SCALISE is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewelry.